Five ideas for homemade furniture polish

Most store-bought wood polishes contain harmful toxins that we allow to reign free in our homes. Fortunately, we can protect our lungs and bodies by eschewing these chemical cocktails completely. The following are some all-natural wood polish recipes for keeping your wood furniture clean, tidy, and super glossy, while maintaining amazing indoor air quality.

Lemon juice and olive oil

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Lemon juice has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, whereas olive oil moisturizes and lubricates the wood, leaving a beautiful lustre and sheen. Mix one half cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice and one cup of olive oil, put in a thick liquid dispenser, and use liberally on your hardwood floors and furniture.

White vinegar and jojoba oil

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An all-purpose natural cleanser, white vinegar deodorizes and disinfects hardwood by pulling dirt out, while jojoba oil lubricates, moisturizes, and leaves a great natural shine just like regular wax does. Mix together one fourth cup of vinegar and ten drops of jojoba oil, then apply with a non-abrasive cloth when polishing.

Vanilla extract, orange, olive oil

The citric acid in oranges is a great disinfectant for wood, while the oil in orange peels is a safe solvent. Vanilla provides a light, milky scent, while olive oil polishes, protects, and lubricates wood items. Mix together the freshly squeezed juice of an orange, one cup of light olive oil, and three drops of vanilla extract. Pour the mixture into a wide mouthed bottle. Cut the orange peel into long narrow strips and insert into bottle to soak in mixture.

I’m Elizabeth Lesar, and I’m a college student and eco-warrior. I love sustainability, DIY culture, and green furniture and want to open my own shop of bespoke, eco-friendly home pieces someday. For more of my eco-oriented thoughts, updates, or opinions, follow this blog.


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