Painting your green furniture shabby chic

Getting just the right distressed, vintage look on your restored furniture takes some time and effort. Here are a few tips to follow to achieve the perfect shabby chic finish on your upcycled wood project.

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Strip and sand off the current finish

Use paint stripper and a chip brush and work on removing all visible vestiges of old paint from the surface of your project piece. A brass brush and putty knife help for hard-to-reach corners.

Follow this up with two rounds of sandpaper to smoothen and prep your wood surface. Protect your eyes by wearing googles or a mask while stripping and sanding.

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Prime and paint

After choosing your desired colors, apply an appropriate shade of primer to your wooden furniture. This primer serves as a base to your chosen paint colors. After two coats of primer, sand off your project piece in spots that show wear over time.

Apply many light coats of your main color to the piece, then dry overnight. Play with various brush strokes to create texture, applying extra coats to spots you’ve chosen to show. Use sandpaper to lightly sand off the furniture evenly, making sure to expose more in your “wear” spots.

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Wax on, wax off

Apply clear wax or satin lacquer as a polish over the paint and let it dry overnight. Apply three to five coats, taking care not to rush the drying before reapplying process.

This is Elizabeth Lesar, college student and eco-warrior princess. Green projects and upcycling are a way of life for me, as my dream is to someday open a shop of bespoke green furniture. I share my visual ideas often on Pinterest.


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