REPOST: Sustainable homeware: pretty, practical and upcycled – in pictures

Recycled and reclaimed materials have come a long way since their appearance in design and interiors. This article features home furniture and goods that blend function and environmental preservation in their design.

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A clean, functional design that is made entirely from the reclaimed handes of brooms, rakes and shovels. The contours of the seat and backrest reveal clean wood grain, which, matched with the clean white lines of the legs, creates a modern design that belies the humble origins of the material (Folklore, £185).

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A pared-back, elegant design made from 3-ply sustainably sourced birchwood. The shade produces a warm, natural glow when used with an energy saving lightbulb. For £20 less, you can order the same design in recyclable polypropylene (Ecocentric, £40.60).

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These stylish storage solutions are made from soft polymer felt composed of recycled plastic bottles. Great for stashing magazines, toys or shoes, they come in a range of muted colours – an artful accent to any interior (Twentytwentyone, £69).

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